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Master Spec Guide MATRIX

NEW! 220523.15 - FL Gate Valves for Plumbing Piping
NEW! 220523.14 - FL Check Valves for Plumbing Piping
NEW! 220523.13 - FL Butterfly Valves for Plumbing Piping
NEW! 220523.12 - FL Ball Valves For Plumbing Piping
NEW! 221119_FL - FL Domestic Water Piping Specialties
NEW! 230523.11 - FL Globe Valves for HVAC Piping
NEW! 230523.12 - FL Ball Valves for HVAC Piping
NEW! 230523.13 - FL Butterfly Valves for HVAC Piping
NEW! 230523.14 - FL Check Valves for HVAC Piping
NEW! 230523.15 - FL Gate Valves for HVAC Piping
NEW! 232216.FL - FL Steam and Condensate Piping Specialties
NEW! 231123.FL - FL Facility Natural-Gas Piping
NEW! 226600.FL - FL Chemical Waste Systems for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
NEW! 210523.FL - FL General-duty valves for fire-protection piping
NEW! 221313.FL - FL Facility Sanitary Sewers
NEW! 332100.FL - FL Water Supply Wells
NEW! 226313.FL - FL Gas Piping for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
NEW! 226700.FL - FL Processed Water Systems for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
NEW! 232116.FL - FL Hydronic Piping Specialties
NEW! 211100.FL - Facility fire-suppression water service piping
NEW! 221113.FL - Facility water distribution piping
NEW! 221116.FL - Domestic Water Piping
NEW! 221117.FL - Gray Water Piping
NEW! 221316.FL - Sanitary Waste and Vent Piping
NEW! 221413.FL - Facility Storm Drainage Piping
NEW! 221513.FL - General-Service Compressed-Air Piping
NEW! 226113.FL - Compressed-Air Piping for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
NEW! 226213.FL - Vacuum Piping for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities
NEW! 232113.FL - Hydronic Piping
NEW! 232300.FL - Refrigerant Piping
NEW! 238316.FL - Radiant-Heating Hydronic Piping
NEW! 328400.FL - Planting Irrigation
NEW! 231126.FL - Facility Liquefied-Petroleum Gas Piping