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Plastic Pipe Fittings Made in the USA

About Our Company

LASCO Fittings, Inc., an Aalberts Industries company, specializes in the production and sale of injection molded fittings for Irrigation, Plumbing, Industrial, Pool/Spa and Retail markets. A technical leader with over 50 years experience, LASCO fittings are relied upon worldwide to provide the confidence users desire.

LASCO Fittings, Inc. operates a 26-acre manufacturing facility in Brownsville, TN. With eight Regional Distribution Facilities strategically located within the United States, LASCO provides worldwide distribution and overnight service.

Latest News

  • DWV-PVC PRICE INCREASE: September 18, 2017 Sep 1
    September 1, 2017 Dear Valued Customer -  Currently, the circumstances on PVC resin supply are in a strained capacity situation. Due to circumstances beyond our control, LASCO Fittings, In...
  • PRESSURE PRICE INCREASE: June 30, 2017 May 10
    May 10, 2017 Dear Valued Customer, With the continued escalation in material and other costs, LASCO Fittings, Inc. is implementing a 5% list price increase on all LASCO pressure products effect...
  • LASCO is Rescinding our PRESSURE price increase of May 1, 2017 Mar 31
    March 31, 2017 Dear Valued Customer, Due to competitive conditions, we must rescind our PRESSURE price increase of May 1, 2017. This is in spite of the continued escalation of PVC resin cos...